Hi Jody,

I went to your concert Saturday night and you sounded incredible.

One of the best brass bands I’ve heard in a long time.

The guitarist and the vocals were outstanding and the other band members were all top-notch.

I loved how you put together the Led Zeppelin song with the brass instruments.

This is a must-see show.

Looking forward to seeing the band at City Place.

Best Regards, Grant Reams

Hey there Jody,

We just wanted to thank you and all at The Brass Evolution for a fantastic experience at our AshBritt / Red Cross Party. Everyone associated with the band was first class you guys were so good it makes us want to do it all over again this “Friday Night” The song selection was on the money everyone was dancing singing and just having an excellent time.

Looking forward to the next one,



Jody again thank you for a fantastic show and our guest told me the music could not have been better. The band never disappoints me and you should be hearing from Ethel from the Children Museum and from Bill Stanton from the Bonnet House they are all wanted to book you for next year and they were at the gala on Friday. You will be hearing from me again very soon. John

John Karr

Director of Major Gifts

American Red Cross

Hi Jody,

Just a quick note to tell you how fantastic the band was at our wedding. Thank you for the wonderful surprise of a much larger band than we expected! It was awesome and you sounded incredible. I cannot tell you how many compliments we’ve received regarding Brass Evolution. You all truly made the evening special and I think everyone had an amazing time.

Thank you again and I wish you the best!

Take care,

Nick & Steph C.

Thanks to everyone who came out the Live Arts Florida last night to see The Brass Evolution. They treated us to a special show and really rocked the house!

Best, Shelley


Violation of trust in another is a gut-wrenching experience. It’s obvious and good that you’ve taken steps to protect your investment of time, talent and love, with the ownership of the new band name. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had to do so.

The Brass Evolution is my band of choice. You all have always delivered a wonderful musical experience and enjoyed the ride. A name change won’t affect much once people realize.

Blessings to you and to The Brass Evolution,


West Palm Beach

HI Jody

I just wanted to thank you for making the wedding a huge success! Everyone commented on how wonderful the band was.. You did a fantabulous job and sounded phenomenal! Best of luck on all your upcoming events and hoping many more big ones come along!


Debbie S. Realtor

Keller Williams Realty Wellington


Great to see you on Friday night and I just wanted to take the opportunity and let you know how impressed I was with the band. The band sounded fantastic. Tighter with more vocal representation than I ever recall you having before. I’m really looking forward to our gala on Oct 23rd. John


Caught the Brass Evolution at Holiday Park…Holy Smoke ….Incredible! I would be excited if I wasn’t in the business, however, I realize what it takes to produce that sound & execute on your performance level…and I’m stunned! The commitment & comradery really shine through in a powerful way…… best of luck……but please stay away from the Jimmy Buffett stuff…I need to work..lol

Jimmy Stowe

I just wanted to say I saw the bands performance last night at City Place and had a great time. You guys are great. I just relocated back to S. Florida and as soon as buy my house and get settled my plan is to call you guys to play the party.


Dear Jody

We would like to thank you and the Brass Evolution for such an amazing performance at our reception in Key Largo. You guys truly “rocked the joint”. The entire process from start to finish with you was a pleasure. From our first inquiring phone call, to strategizing the reception, all the way to the crowds chant of “one more song”. Knowing that you guys were responsible for steering the flow of the ceremony allowed us to kick back and truly enjoy the best day of our lives. All of this, and we have yet to mention the music! The Brass Evolution in full force is quite a spectacle. The set list was perfect for our crowd and occasion. The lights and sounds were truly amazing. The pictures and memories allow us to continue living the best day of our lives. None of which would have been possible without you guys.

Cheers, and we look forward to crossing paths in the future.

Dano and Kelly R.

Hi Jody!

Heard the event this weekend went FABULOUS! Thank you very much for that!

Attached, you will find the disco event contract. Please sign and return back to me at your earliest convenience.



Vanessa Lopez

Entertainment Coordinator

Sixth Star Entertainment & Marketing

Many thanks to you and the crew – everyone was so impressed and dancing alllll night!! Thanks again for all your help,

Our best wishes to you & yours as well!!

Holly & Chris




Hi Jody,

I wanted to thank you for Shawn and Melissa’s Wedding. Your band was unbelievable! You gave us the party and I would and have recommended you to anyone and everyone! I was especially touched when the horns, one by one, surrounded the very new Mr. and Mrs. Sackman. It made the moment so special and memorable. There truly was magic in the air and in

our hearts. You made our dreams come true.

I was also so happy to finally meet you and as a bonus, your little girl. I know how proud you are, as you should be. Being

a parent is such a precious gift.

Thank you again

Diane S.

Jody and all of The Brass Evolution Band~

Thank you so much for your performance last night at the St. Coleman Italian Festival. It was great to have you back on our stage…and we really enjoy the new group, diversified format! Hope you had fun playing for us.

Jody, it’s always a pleasure working with you. Take care.


Hi Jody,

I just wanted to thank you and the band for an AMAZING performance on Saturday night. You guys rocked the place! I got so many compliments on the band and a lot of people inquired about you guys. Hopefully, you’ll get some more business =). The horn serenade at the end was such a surprise and also a very cool touch. Our day was truly amazing and would not have been so perfect without you guys. Thank you for taking such great care of us! I will continue to recommend you guys to everyone!

Thank you again,

Mr. & Mrs. Sackman

Hi Brass Evolution,

I saw the band in Augusta, Ga. last night. New Years eve. One of the best party bands I have ever heard. Please come back to our area more often. Thanks for rocking our party!

Charlotte Klein

Aiken, SC

Hi Jody,

WOW!!!! We were so impressed last night that I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic the band was!!! Everyone came up to me and commented on their talent, their song choices and the variety of music! The sax player was a wonderful addition to the cocktail hour! It was just PERFECT in every way!!! And to add to it, they were the nicest to work with! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am sure that The Brass Evolution will be called for future events!

Again, thank you!

Lauren McAloon

Home Mortgage Consultant



This past weekend your band played at my daughters wedding. In the planning stage we were trying to get them to decide on a D.J. as we had been to a few receptions this year where a D.J. provided the music. I am now convinced that the man who took my daughters hand is the right one because he stuck to his guns and said “NO, the Brass Evolution Band” is playing at the reception. You guys were fantastic. Two of my friends who attended the wedding are thirty and forty year musicians and they complemented us on our choice of the GREAT band.

While preparing to write this thank you note, I checked out your website for the calendar and upcoming locations where we can attend one of your events and just relax and enjoy the music instead of being concerned that the wedding is going as planned. Additionally, many of our friends who attended have daughters who may be taking that step soon and they will contacting you guys for their events. I could go on and on with the accolades but I think you get the point. Reading your bios, rest assured that the hard work your guys have put into your musical careers paid off many times over. You guys will also be remembered as “Men in my Little Girls Life” for helping make that special time so memorable. Please pass on my gratitude once again to the other members of your band.

Bill A.

P. S. Being a thirty year Police officer (now retired) we always picked on the firefighters because of the size of their Lazy Boys and the soft jobs they have. Now that my son-in-law is one, my brother-in-law is one, I guess I will have to take a back seat and take my hat off to you fellows. Thanks for the hard work you do and your work with the Christ Fellowship church. This “Good Ol Boy Public service employee,” appreciates your dedication to your music.

Hi Jody,

It sure was a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear your Brass Evolution at the amphitheater and to renew our past aquaintance. Your band is absolutely SMOKIN’ HOT and very, very polished and professional. Your live sound was incredible, to the point of almost being scary that it was that good!!! Also, having the opportunity to sit in with you for a few tunes really made my night.

I wish all you guys continued success with the band. Whether you know it or not, you have something really special there and it did not go unapreciated by me!

Best Regards,

Glen Evertsen (Guitarist from the band Rumour Hazit…)


Just want to let you know that we had the music package on the Fortuna. The concerts of 3 Dog Night and Lovin Spoonful were good but you guys were great. Your song list is unbelievable…5 nights and I don’t think you repeated a song…and every night was a major dance party…What a great time we had thanks to you guys. The night you had off I asked my husband “What are we going to do now?” I hope you make it next time. Thanks again for a great time.

Pam from Hawthorne FL


I do not often get a chance to meet such a great crew of people and I just wanted to thank you, your band, you family and your friends, for being so nice and professional to me. I know you understand when I say all I usually get is “yelled at”. It was my pleasure to meet you and work with you. Everyone loved “ The band. Seems like you got a better response than the Beach Boys did…I hope you all enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed your music. Please keep me in mind, when you play around the area, I would love to come see you all again and I am hoping I will be able to give you this venue again!

My very best regards to you and the band,

Thank you again,

Susan Berg

Assistant to V.P. of Marketing

Core Communities, LLC.



Despite my constant stance stating the “You Guys Suck”, I hope you all know in the short time I got to know you, that I really appreciated your professionalism, flexibility, etc. You guys truly were instrumental in making this 1st Music Cruise the great time that it was…Why can’t all musicians be more like you and your tremendous group of players? Responsible, reliable, flexible and incredibly, talented. You guys make it look so easy. I felt in my heart it was important to let you know that there have been few times in my last 15 years in South Florida where I felt like I hit it off with people I worked with. In just a few days, I felt that about your group.

It was a pleasure working with you all. I found that, despite how great you were in performing, it paled in comparison as to how “real” you all are. For my first cruise dealing with “rock stars”, if I had my choice next time, I would bypass everyone from Bruce to Bon Jovi to The Beatles, etc. just to hang with you all. Thanks for making this Rockn Roll Cruise such a major hit.


Steve Novello

Online Vacation Cruises

Hi Jody. I’m the guy who proposed to Regina on the ship. You guys were so fantastic to us. But come to find out you know brother George Springthorpe. You worked with him as a firefighter. If you folks have any videos of the proposal please let me know. Thanks again John M. Springthorpe. Jody: A lot of fun last week and it was all because of you guys………..I will send an email to the cruise saying just that. Have a great year… Make good music!!!!

Rick Martorano Productions

Hi Jody,

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful evening of music on Saturday. We heard rave reviews from guests on the band, which I knew we would! Loved every minute of it! Great job as always! Tell the trumpet player, those were the best 4 bars we every heard (in the chapel)………….

Best regards,

Vicki W.

Hi Jody

Thanks so much for the wonderful job you guys did for our gala! It was an overwhelming success!


Debbie Sanacore CRS

Realtor Advisor

Palms West Chamber

THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME LAST FRIDAY!! It was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits after a long bout of medical problems! My friend was impressed and can’t wait for the next show!! (I always make sure I bring a new person with me). Anyway, I saw on your calendar that you are playing City Place on August 18th. Is that in Broward County? Could you send me the address so we can, once again, enjoy your talents!!! THANKS!!!!

Trish Kearney

Legal Assistant

Hey Jody,

Just wanted to thank you and the band for being so amazing at our wedding (and putting up with me!). You guys were great and everyone couldn’t stop raving about the band. Thanks again!


Hillary and Tom


Everything went so well last night! Everyone was saying you all were great and they had a fantastic time. Thank you for keeping us on track and announcing everything. Our wedding would not have been the same without you. We had a wonderful time and hope to be able to use you for another occasion. I already had someone ask me for your info and will pass it on. Please thank the other members for us, we really enjoyed you all!



I just wanted to thank you guys again for doing a phenomenal job! The party would not have been any where as good without your great sound! (and your fabulous cooperation)! Will let you know as soon as we book our date for next year!!!!!






Dear Jody,

Just a simple letter of thanks for the band’s wonderful performance at our wedding on October 9. It was truly a pleasure and we really appreciated all that extra things you did for us to help make this evening the most memorable evening of my life.

Thank you!


Maja C.