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With over 2 Decades of “Main Event” performance experience, our goal remains intently focused on being the Nation’s Premiere “Rockin’ Horn band” as we pay tribute to some of the greatest bands and music of our time. The music we all grew up on and love to perform...

Groups like Chicago, BS&T, Tower of Power, Steely Dan, Toto, James Brown, Sam and Dave, Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, Joe Cocker, Santana, Earth Wind and Fire, the Beatles, Miami Sound Machine, Gloria Estephan, Celina Cruz, Mark Anthony, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Ohio Players, Rick James, Aretha Franklin, Kool and the Gang, Chaka Kahn, Tina Turner, The Eagles, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and a plethora of other songs from bands that we can all look forward to hearing new again…

If you are new to the band, you will soon discover that our eclectic quality musical diversity crosses all age barriers and is very capable of turning a “Main Event” Concert into a full-blown dance party. In addition, our ability to tailor much of our music and stylistic diversity to your event Is second to none. Whether you are interested in reminiscing the night away listening to great renditions of some of your favorite music or if you want to shake off your worries and dance the night away…TBE is the band for you.

You will find in our Variety of Showcase options that this group of pro players has a different themed show to meet your event needs year after Year.

Here is something important to remember... We are much more than just a great versatile band of amazing talented professionals... We know how to do all kinds of events. Partnering with you and your Event Vision is done on a scale few other bands can comprehend...25 years in the business...we better be good...

KICK’N BRASS and TAK’N NAMES…(It’s What we do)~~~>>>

With over 25 years of experience performing for Fortune 500 companies, charitable organizations, weddings, private parties, and community events, we have earned a reputation for excellence. Our work ethic and dedication to creating unforgettable events have led us to work with top clients, who continually praise the great time they had and the joy they felt from our music.

The Brass Evolution offers a variety of group-style sets and tribute options, ensuring that we can provide you with the absolute best live entertainment experience in South Florida.

In the Tribute world, we are the "Tribute Authority" and we have been since our group's inception...Additionally, we have served as the backing group for several headliner acts, and have fortified several local and regional groups with our core group of players...This part of our business model saves clients and artists the cost of flying in and accommodating an entire band when what they can do with a few performers provided there is a band capable of professionally backing them. Being based in South Florida Travel issues these days have presented event planners and band leaders with a great strategic challenge...getting their selected entertainment selection to the actual job...

With the charts provided in advance, we can seamlessly prepare and support any artist we have the honor of working with.

We understand that making an event great involves more than just a great band. It requires event know-how, emceeing skills, program flexibility, and a cooperative spirit that aligns with the host's vision. These qualities are at the core of who we are and have been demonstrated through thousands of successful events over the past two decades.

The Brass Evolution is ready to rise to the occasion of any indoor or outdoor function, catering to all age groups and tailoring the show to any style or theme you have in mind. Our high-energy performances, versatile group style options, true-to-sound horn arrangements, rotating lead and backup vocals, creative harmonies, and danceable rhythms (including Latin percussion) create a unique and entertaining experience that will keep your guests engaged year after year.

From ceremonies to cocktail hours and the final dance of the evening, The Brass Evolution is the key ingredient to bringing life to any party. Allow us the opportunity to be a part of your event's memorable success. Contact us now to discuss your vision and let us make it a reality.

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Our History

Growing up in the 60s with a father who was a renowned ballroom dance instructor and performer, I was fortunate to be surrounded by the music of the "Big Band" era. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, and the Harry James Orchestra were all iconic figures during that time.

I have vivid memories of attending my father's dance functions as a child. When I grew tired, I would seek refuge under my mother's table and become mesmerized by the musicians on the bandstand. Despite learning the ballroom dances, my true passion lies in the music itself.

As time went on, my love for live music persisted. I am grateful to have the ability to play and sing the songs I cherish. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who share the same passion is a constant source of joy for me.

From my early years as a sax player, I was exposed to both the classics of the "Big Band" era and the rock and roll of the 60s. This influenced my musical preferences, leading me to appreciate groups like Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, Average White Band, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Steely Dan, Michael Buble, and Dave Mathews, all of whom incorporate horns into their sound.

When asked about my musical journey, I often respond, "not long enough." After years of being a musician in the USAF Band and playing as a side player, I have taken on the role of a band leader. It is now my responsibility to develop my God-given talent and represent myself and those I work with in a professional and respectful manner.

My love for playing music still thrives, and I consider myself blessed to have been given unique gifts. I believe it is my purpose to showcase these talents to the best of my abilities.

As a band leader and advocate for musicians, I strive to create an environment that is respectful and fair. I have encountered leadership styles that have been disrespectful to the hard work and dedication I put into my craft, and it is my mission to provide a different approach.

With my experience as a musician and an understanding of what captivates audiences and makes them dance, I am well-equipped to coordinate a wide range of events. My role as a band leader allows me to keep talented musicians employed and pursue my passion for horn-based music. My focus is on progress, selecting material that deserves respectful representation, and prioritizing the enjoyment of the music and its audience over personal accolades.

"The Brass Evolution" represents the exciting journey that lies ahead for us, embracing growth and the appreciation of great music.

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